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If you wish to join our guild pleasecheck out the guestBBS and recruitment tablocated under the guild Image have fun and happy browsing.
About Scoundrel
We were hardcore MMO players, and it was formed by the connection since old times.
It follows an official rule, and the thing to play happily is a purpose, and the companion whom the nature suits is necessary.
Thank you for luck and a satisfactory browsing.

Guild Rules

~ No drama! This rule is in affect inside and outside of the guild!

~ Respect higher ranking members. They have proven themselves to be reliable and worthy of their rank.

~ No begging ever. This rule is in constant effect no matter where you are

~ Have a respectful and positive attitude when online.

~ As you advance in rank within the guild you will have more and more responsibility, you are allowed to refuse a promotion at any time but if you accept the position you will have to accept the responsibilities that come with it.

~ During a Raid or Dungeon please keep chat to a minimum. This will help the raid or dungeon leader keep track of what is happening and what needs to happen without having to scroll through unrelated banter.

~ You will have to be online at least once 2 weeks. If you are not able to do this please speak to an Officer or post in the Notices section of the guild forums. If you do not notify the leadership of your absence ahead of time you risk being removed from the guild.

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